6 Must-Listen Podcasts to Inspire the Creative Soul

So in my last post, I confessed that, rather shamefully, I’ve only recently gotten into podcasts (I know, about time, right?). But, as I explained, even just after a few episodes I’d listened to, it became very apparent that these were such highly enjoyable, easily digestible sources of information, teeming with life, personality and exceptionally useful content and resources. Much like a child discovering their favourite candy for the first time, I started feverishly researching the benefits of podcasts (I have a weird habit of liking to be told explicitly that something is good for me, go figure!) and exploring all the channels that catered to my many interests. In no time, I found podcasts that not only appealed to me in a superficial way, but that I felt immediately made a difference in how I thought, how I felt, and what I believed I was capable of. Within a few hours, I was sold on the value of podcasts in one’s personal development – hook, line and sinker.

Before I few weeks ago, I sort of had the wrong impression about them – that they were like next level audiobooks or like those rather irritating radio talk shows featuring loud disk jockeys trying to talk over each other and cracking corny jokes – it may be cold-hearted, but I have next to zero interest in those guys! Instead, what I found is that podcasts are refreshingly personal, easy to listen to and make even the most mundane task infinitely more bearable, as I have someone in my ear educating me, inspiring me, exposing me to people and things I may otherwise not have contact with. Podcasts are a great way learn about a host of different things, and I can’t think of any category of individual who wouldn’t benefit from this form of media. But, I recommend podcasts especially to people who are looking to ignite their self-growth, or need a little inspiration, and to creative types – the writers, bloggers, content-creators etc.

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As I’ve mentioned, an eclectic mix of things interest me, and depending on what I’m doing (almost invariably, I use Podcasts as my little side-kicks, and listen to them while doing something else) and what kind of mood I’m in. Sometimes, I just like a general discussion around a general theme, like health and well-being; for instance, yesterday, while I was painting my kitchen wall, I was listening to Jessica Murnane speak about her experience about how switching to a plant-based diet helped her get her depression and severe endometriosis under control (interestingly enough, this episode was recorded 3 years ago, but the great thing about listening to people’s experiences is they never age or get-outdated). At other times, I want to hear stories of other people’s experiences in finding their passion and creating their entrepreneurial enterprise to inspire me to keep moving forward. Sometimes I want to pursue my seemingly never-ending quest to be fluent in Spanish, and tune into a language teaching podcast.

Since my last article, I’ve had several readers reach out to me to ask what my recommendations for podcasts are. Although I have no doubt that as time goes by, I will keep finding lots more podcasts that I want to listen to regularly, I’ll gladly oblige and today list 5 podcasts that I’m really enjoying listening to now, and that if you are a fellow creative, you most probably will too.

The Lively Show

Jess Lively promises to ‘add a little extra intention to your everyday’ through her podcast, and I think she does just that! She encourages you to live with values-based intention and to follow your intuition.

I’ve been binge-listening to her show, and have now ended going all the way back to 2014 to catch up on all the great shows I missed (hence the interview with Jessica Murnane I was listening to yesterday!)

Her show takes an interview format, and she has inspiring guests from a range of different backgrounds, offering up gems on subjects like wellness, business/career, relationships, design and blogging. Oh, and the host, Jess is herself an inspiration having transitioned her career path from jewellery shop owner to business coach and full-time traveller.

The Happy Hour Effect

This podcast is hosted by Kristen Brown, who is a motivational speaker specialising in leadership, sales and performance, which becomes evident after just a few minutes of listening to her programme.

Kristen’s super enthusiastic, lively and informative manner infuses her listeners with energy, drive and the will to succeed. She gives straight forward and practical advice in a way that resembles that one friend you have in your life that is not afraid to just tell you like it is, whether or not it’s something you want to hear.

This podcast is great for entrepreneurs, managers and employees alike. She addresses issues that are common in the business environment, such as workplace culture, productivity, decision making, burnout and getting unstuck from a creative rut.

The Dr. Zoe Show

Dr. Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. On her show, she talks about a wide range of subjects including self-love, health tips, relationship advice, parenting information and stress busters.

I find Zoe to be so personable and reminds me of a rational, calming big sister you’d run to get advice from if you were ever unsure of anything. Her tone is reassuring, non-judgemental and yet so real – like in a not-shying-away from any subject matter way. You can tell that she’s an expert when she gives health advice and the guests she has on are also well-established in their respective fields.

This podcast is so well-rounded and balanced that I would recommend it to almost anyone, but especially busy women – after all, the show’s slogan is ‘redefining your superwoman’. Dr. Zoe teaches you how to do self-care right, while also thriving in your relationship with your spouse, children and friends.

Market Beautifully

The host of this podcast is Haley Burkhead, who is a marketer extraordinaire who gives advice on how to navigate the ins-and-outs of marketing a digital world in a way that will help you to implement your strategies, stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.

Although it’s not exactly new anymore, digital marketing is constantly growing and changing at lightning speed. It’s hard to keep up with it if you’re trying to juggle all the daily demands of being an entrepreneur, so it’s really nice to have a go-to gal who knows her stuff, and shares her knowledge in simple enough, logical terms.

Haley approaches her subject of expertise with tangible passion and energy, and guides you through the steps of establishing a successful online business, one episode at a time. I’m always surprised at how much I learn from her on things that you’d be hard-pressed to find in any text book or just one online source. She demystifies things like upping your online presence by optimising your SEO and maximising your productivity by using efficiency-driven tools. 

Being Boss

My favourite podcasting duo right now has to be Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of the Being Boss podcast. These two have such big, lively personalities that feed off each other and when combined melds into pure podcasting genius. These two ladies have successfully established their own businesses and share their insights and experiences during their show, as well as those of their guests.

Emily and Kathleen believe in being true to yourself, live authentically and working at things you really love. Their slogan of ‘being boss in work and life’ is the theme that permeates their show, wherein they encourage creative entrepreneurs to be bold and confident in trying new things, overcoming failure and refining strategies as needed.

This is a great show for when you need some inspiration and some ‘let’s do this!’ mentality pumped into you.

That’s the round-up of my favourite 5 podcasts at the moment. But…since I know there are many seasoned podcasters out there, I’d love you to recommend some more for me- what are you listening to right now?