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Disclosure Policy

For the purposes of this disclosure policy “LifebyCyndi” refers to this website, blog, newsletters and emails. It also includes all LifebyCyndi social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) in respect to information posted by the author of the blog.

LifebyCyndi is a personal blog wherein I discuss topics which are of interest to me, including overall wellbeing, a positive lifestyle, personal development and finance. It aims to be a source of general information and does not purport to give recommendations of any sort to suit anyone’s individual circumstances.

All the information found on this website, and, by extension, all social media accounts representing the LifebyCyndi blog, is based on my own research and personal opinions, unless otherwise stated. Although I take pride in presenting information in the most accurate manner possible, I can in no way guarantee the complete accuracy or completeness of any information relayed. The reader is therefore encouraged to undertake his/her own due diligence and consult with a certified professional before action based on the information obtained via this blog. I make no warranties or promises with regards to any products or services linked to this site, and do not accept liability for any loss, injury or damage which may occur as a result of any action you may take after reading anything on LifebyCyndi.

Financial Advice

I am not a licenced financial adviser. You should seek professional financial advice when making decisions about your finances. All financial-related material found on LifebyCyndi is for general information purposes only.

Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure

The LifebyCyndi blog contains advertisements and affiliate links. This means that I may receive compensation for sales resulting from a click through of one of the banners or links presented on my site. Rest assured that I only recommend products that I believe to be of high quality and that I myself would use. I give my honest, unbiased opinions in any review and leave it up to the reader’s discretion to act upon any suggestions given.

By using LifebyCyndi you are agreeing to all parts of the above disclaimer. Should you have any questions about this disclaimer, please contact me at